Our Story

J A E K E // 2020
J A E K E. C O L L E C T I O N  was founded in 2017 by Tahlia Jae in the spare bedroom of her parents house in the nations capital of Canberra, Australia. 
After earning a bilingual education of both French and English, and going on to complete a entrepreneurial business degree, Tahlia knew she had to do something that was in tune with her passion of clothing and fashion.

In addition to working a full time sales role for a well renowned Australian TV network, and having worked as a self-taught social media/ marketer for an extensive amount of retail businesses,

Jaeke was born.

Jaeke pays homage to French culture through a mixture of urban and prêt-à-porter style clothing. 
Jaeke offers versatile pieces that can be worn separately or matched creating a memorable staple style. Every piece in the collection is hand selected to ensure it inspires confidence in every customer and empowers them to feel and look their best.

Offering both men's and women's apparel, JAEKE collection boasts a range of the most coveted on trend styles in Australian Fashion.


J A E K E. C O L L E C T I O N